CD Ralf Illenberger EMERGE

On his latest CD EMERGE, Master player Ralf Illenberger shows his wide range of musical expressions with the acoustic guitar. Richly orchestrated tunes with haunting melodies, intricate rhythms and unusual sounds, “Emerge” is a unique musical experience. Illenberger gets support from Buedi Siebert on saxes, flutes, clarinet and marimbas and from Zirque Bonner on acoustic and electric bass. "On 'EMERGE' most of the soundscapes are created with the acoustic guitar - lots of layers, recorded in a lush and full sound. On "Inner Lights" I experimented with the electric bow and a phrase Sampler to achieve these sometimes eerie sounding tonal qualities. On "Sirius Calling" you hear a bunch of coyotes howling away in the backyard of my studio in Sedona, I actually recorded them out of my open studio window. CD EMERGE by Ralf Illenberger available at CD Baby: buy this CD at CD Baby

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CD The Gateway Ralf Illenberger

Mysterious, energy-driven music, based on acoustic and electric guitars, richly orchestrated with drums and percussion and woodwinds, references to pop, jazz and classical music. Ralf Illenberger: The Gateway Produced by Ralf Illenberger and Gibbs Platen with Buedi Siebert on flutes, saxes and percussion, Walter and Peter Keiser on drums and bass and Zirque Bonner on Fretless Bass, Illenberger created a fascinating soundscape with swirling guitars and driving rhythms. Recorded 1998 at Thundermountain Studio in Sedona. “THE GATEWAY” from Ralf Illenberger is a stunning change in pace from the serenity of “SEDONA” his release in 1996.Though still experimenting with unusual harmonies, this album ramps up the intensity with a little more emphasis on rhythm and percussion, and even some electric guitar and keyboard touches. Its easily his most exotic sounding work since his solo debut “CIRCLE” and in my opinion his best since 1993’s “SOLEIL”. Some of this material features the kind of complexity that most of us would expect to hear in a movie score, as opposed to a more mainstream instrumental album, and in places it reminded me very much of Mike Oldfield’s very experimental “OMMADAWN”. Highly recommended! (Earl, Buy this CD at CD Baby

CD Sedona Ralf Illenberger

Orchestral finger picking guitar arrangements between folk jazz and classical styles Ralf Illenberger: SEDONA Recorded 1995 in Thundermountain Studios in Sedona, this CD is Illenbergers tribute to the majestic landscape of the Red Rocks in Arizona. One of the most beloved guitarists in Germany, Illenberger shows his guitar mastery on favorites like "Frogs" and "Crying Sky". Somewhere between Folk, Jazz and Classical music, this is contemporary guitar at its best. With Buedi Siebert on flutes,saxophone and marimba, Fitzhugh Jenkins and Zirque Bonner on bass and Walter Keiser on drums, Illenberger transcended his already perfect style to the next level (Stuttgart News). A transforming soundtrack recorded in impeccable sound quality, 'SEDONA' is a must have for Ralf Illenbergers fans and one of his most cherished CDs. buy this CD at CD Baby

CD The Kiss Ralf Illenberger

notes Ralf Illenberger: The Kiss Produced by Ralf Illenberger and Gibbs Platen This is one long song in six movements - trancelike, classical, magical... Walter Keiser: Drums Zirque Bonner: Bass Fitzhugh Jenkins: Spirit Bass Buedi Siebert: saxes, bass clarinet, marimba, strings Ralf Illenberger returns for his third post–Narada effort on indie label In Joy Music Records, and this time he’s got another winner….and an unusual concept. “THE KISS: Five Waves of Bliss” takes the form of a long, instrumental suite, subtle at times, but too involved to ever become mere background music, as with most of Illenberger’s guitar jazz pieces. This music kicks in with his unmistakable style in the second movement, Love Flow, but the real aural treat here is “symphonique”, the third movement of the Kiss, which contains textures so complex that it takes a couple of listening to truly get all of what’s going on in the background with its echoplexed acoustic guitars and different parts playing on either side of the stereo image. “Beyond the clouds” chases that down with some atypical electric guitar solo work that rivals anyone strutting around on a rock concert stage right now.Illenberger’s really starting to join the “studio-as-instrument” crowd with impressive results. (Earl, buy this CD at CD Baby

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